About Us

Social Commerce Ninja is a company of passionate and young potential people specializing in social commerce solutions.

Starting from 2008, we have been contributing hundreds of innovative ideas, products and services to advance the exponential growth of PhpFox - social network solution. After 4 years, our works had improved more than 5000 social networks from all over the world.

However, it didn’t satisfy enthusiasts like us on building quality products to help people do their business better and more easily in a practical way. That’s why in 2012 we launched a local start-up to follow that passion. We introduced a drag and drop website builder for local online sellers, with the aim to bring better websites to the whole market. This time we served 100 times more customers compared to the first business.

After many years building e-commerce and social network solutions both internationally and locally, we realize that having a website does not guarantee success for online sellers.

We are online sellers too, so we understand your problems and your difficulties. We used to struggling with growing our online business too, so we look forward to bringing our experience to help your business grow.

The key factor that we realize after 6 years is that the way people buying stuff is changing. There is a transition from traditional commerce to social commerce. More and more people are shopping on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Twitter…

That’s why Social Commerce Ninja was born. We focus on helping you sell better on social network era. We specialize in providing social commerce solutions.

Whether it’s a theme or an app, we always put a lot of effort to make it most socialized, and in highest quality as possible. Because social network is now the key to increase your customer base, as well as your sales result.

Get mobile and stay social with us!