Boost Sales - The most convenient app for you to offer both Up-sell and Cross-sell offer for your online store!


Are you exhausted to find more effective ways to increase your sales with a limited budget?

How could you increase your sales revenue and average order value without spending more money on Marketing?

As you may already know, up-sell and cross-sell are considered great ways to increase online sales for any seller. If used properly, they will bring enormous benefits for all online sellers.

Now, let’s see what we can play with up-sell and cross-sell to boost your online sales:


1. Select proper products for your up-sell and cross-sell offers


Up-sell and Cross-sell will make a business more profitable and make customers more satisfied. Let’s group relevant products together and show them nicely to your customers. The driving force behind your recommendation is to do a better job of satisfying the customer’s needs.




It’s greater if you can make it possible for customers to add suggested products directly to the shopping cart without having to click off the page.


2. Use Package Discounts


Bundling is a common tactic to encourage buyers to buy not just a single item, but a whole set of complimentary items that can go together. You can offer a price break on bundled items which are closely connected with the product or service they are viewing.


For instance, you can offer a package deal of “T-shirt – pant and shoes” at a lower price than buying each item separately. When a customer views 1 item from the deal, you can suggest them to add 2 other items to cart to save his/her money.


3. Make your offer more detailed


Make sure that you provide enough basic information on the view cart page for any additional items (price, thumbnail and brief description). If you don’t provide enough information, customer might abandon the cart altogether to gather more information about that product. And, they may never return.


4. Automate your recommendation


As you are selling online, so certainly, there is no smiling cashiers to offer up-sell and cross-sell for customers. But there is solution, try to use an app that can give your customer what you want to recommend them. You just need to set up your up-sell and cross-sell offers, the app will take all the rest. The app will automatically recommend related products to the ones customers viewing or buying, hence increase the chance they’ll buy more.

Boost Sales app helps Shopify stores create and manage up-sell and cross-sell offers easily in just 1 app. Boost Sales will be a smiling cashier for your online store ;-)


5. Customer Service 


Providing excellent customer service is one of the best ways to encourage repeat sales.  After providing an initially positive customer experience, it is much easier to offer them additional products.

happy customer service


How Boost Sales app can help you to create a complete up-sell and cross-sell offer with all above?

  • You can easily choose proper product or collection for cross-sell and up-sell offer with optimized UX.
  • You can offer bundle products by cross-sell. It not only help your customers save their money, but also increase your sales volume.
  • With Boost Sales, you only need to choose offer products, Boost Sales app will automatically get brief data to show on the offer.
  • The offer will be display gently, your customers can either click on that to see the offer or skip it, it doesn’t interrupt your customers from their purchase.

In all, the secret to cross-sell and up-sell is to treat your customers as the way as you want to be. You can put a lot of time and effort into identifying and implementing these features on your site, but if done properly, the effort will bring more sales to your store.

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